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Replacement TiVo Feet

Are your TiVo Feet a Distintigrated Mess?

We have replacements that install in seconds!

Replacment Set of TiVo Feet - In Stock $14.99 - Qualifies for Free Shipping

Set of Four (4) Feet for TiVo DVRs
Set of four feet for various TiVo models. Four brand new feet and four brand new rivets. Each foot snaps into place; no tools required. Compatible with TiVo service numbers beginning with 540, 649, 648, 652, 658, 746, 748, 750, 758, 840, 846, 848. Ships USPS. Click here for installation instructions.
$14.99 - FREE USPS first-class shipping!


STEP 1: Remove existing foot. You have two options. You can either pull the entirety of the remaining foot off, using a bit of force, and it will just pop off with the internal pieces intact. Alternatively, you can pull the center plastic pin out from each foot, and then the entire remaining foot will come out easily. See Figures 1 and 2.

Figure 1: Disintigrated foot and pin still installed.

Figure 2: Pin removed from center of foot. The remainder of the foot will pull off effortlessly. Some TiVo models have multiple holes where the feet could go, so you might want to mark the hole with a black marker so that you know where the replacement goes.

STEP 2: Place the replacement foot over the hole where the old one had been. The green you see in the picture is the TiVo's motherboard, inside the unit.

Figure 3: New foot without inside pin.

STEP 3: Insert the replacement rivet into the center of the foot and then push down on the pin to snap it into place. Figure 4a shows the rivet beside the foot, immediately before installation. Figure 4b shows the replacement foot installed in the TiVo and secured with the new rivet. Repeat for each of the feet and rivets.

Figure 4a: New rivet ready for insertion.

Figure 4b: New foot installed.


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