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These are our two best-selling TiVo Remotes.
One of these is right for 99% of our customers.

Most Common TiVo Remote

TiVo VOX Remote with Voice Features

TiVo Remote

Main TiVo Remote - $49.99

Perfect for almost any TiVo including all Series3, Premiere, Roamio, Bolt and Mini models

tivo vox remote

VOX Remote - $54.99

Adds voice features. For Bolt, Edge and Mini VOX models



Backlit LUX VOX Remote - $59.99

See the VOX Dongle to use either of these with a Roamio or older Minis


If you have a DIRECTV TiVo, these aren't right for you. Please see this page.


Looking for something more specific? See our full line of remotes below.



Standard Peanut Remotes

TiVo VOX Remote

TiVo/DVD Remotes

tivo peanut remote

TiVo Remotes For:

Bolt Roamio
Premiere TiVoHD
Series3 Older TiVos

tivo vox remote

TiVo VOX Remote
(For TiVo Edge, Bolt, Bolt VOX,
Roamio & Mini Only)



tivo dvd remote

Peanut Remotes for
TiVos with
DVD Burners

DIRECTV TiVo Remotes


Remote Tips

tivo peanut remote



Other DIRECTV Remotes


If you are not sure which model you have, see our model finder information or contact us for help.

A few tips for using your new remote:

Click here for TiVo's page on setting your new remote to work with your TV.

Click here for TiVo's page on using two remotes (or more) with two TiVo DVRs (or more).

Click here for TiVo's page on using one remote with a DVR 1-2 switch with two TiVo DVRs.



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