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TiVo Upgrade Protection

Guarding against the biggest threats to your TiVo:

A TiVo is a computer running Linux. As any computer expert can tell you, the best way to keep your computer up and running flawlessly is to connect it to the cleanest source of power available - usually, this means using a UPS.

A TiVo's hard drive spins approximately 5400 times per minute and, unlike a computer's hard drive, the TiVo drive never stops. This means that any power event (power spike, power drop) will impact the drive and shorten its life over time.

A UPS, or uninterruptable power supply, is basically a big battery that sits between your TiVo and the wall outlet. During general use, the UPS just monitors the power as it goes through from the wall to the TiVo. If the UPS detects to little or too much power (surges, brownouts, or blackouts) then the UPS switches over to its own battery power, disconnecting the TiVo from the problematic wall power before it ever passes. Once the wall power is back to normal, the UPS switches back so that the wall power goes to the TiVo, and it also recharges its internal battery.

A UPS is far superior to a surge protector, because a UPS can increase the power when there is a power drop (such as when your lights dim momentarily).


Another Important Note About Power to TiVo DVRs:

Given how sensitive these DVRs are to power, we're finding many, many more situations where TiVo failure is actually a problem with power coming to the unit. In these cases the culprit is often:

  • A power splitter
  • A power strip
  • A surge suppressor
  • A failing UPS like the ones listed above

If you are having any issues with your TiVo, you should try plugging it right into the wall directly. Even high-end equipment like APC, Monster, and Tripp-Lite products can and do fail over time.





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