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DIRECTV Wireless Video Bridge for C41W Wireless Genie Mini

The C41W Wireless Genie Client is now shipping. This client requires a DIRECTV Wireless Video Bridge to be connected to the SWM network.

One Wireless Video Bridge can support up to eight Wireless Genie Clients, but only 3 clients can be active simultaneously.

Further, if you need better coverage than one WVB will provide, you can have multiple WVBs on your system. All C41Ws can use any WVB to get access to the related Genie.

The specs for the WVB call for a coverage area of 70 feet and 5 walls. Of course, due to several factors like type of construction and signal interference, we don't yet know how far these will transmit in the real world.


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DIRECTV Wireless Video Bridge (for use with wireless Genie Mini C41W)

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DIRECTV Wireless Video Bridge

DIRECTV Wireless Video Bridge
Required for use with C41W and C61W. Supports up to 8 C41W or C61W clients. Multiple WVBs may be used on one Genie network.


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