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BOLT/Series6 HD TiVo Repair

Bolt Bolt

This repair page covers all TiVo Bolt models:

  • TiVo Bolt
  • TiVo Bolt Plus
  • TiVo Bolt VOX
  • TiVo Bolt OTA

Have an different model TiVo? See this page for TiVo Series3, Premiere, Roamio, and Edge repairs.


Repairs for these models work like this: you pay our $49.99 diagnostic charge, which covers a diagnosis of your unit's problems, labor involved in installing any necessary parts, and return shipping.

To start, add one of the items below to your cart and checkout. You'll be able to note the problems with your unit to the right of the credit card info at final checkout.

After checkout we'll email you specific shipping information.

Then, when we receive your unit, we'll diagnose the hardware and contact you.

The full repair process generally takes from three to five business days here, at WeaKnees.

Data recovery option: If your TiVo Bolt has four flashing lights, you likely have a bad hard drive. We can now usually recover data from failed Bolt hard drives. This service costs $50 if we are successful and there is no charge if we are not successful (this $50 would then be refunded). If you'd like potential data recovery, please choose the second option below.

See a video about the process: If you like more info or if you find this confusing, we encourage you to watch our videos about our repair processes and options for TiVo Bolts.

TiVo Bolt Repair Service - all Bolt models

TiVo Bolt Repair
Labor for diagnosis, repair, and return shipping for TiVo Bolt DVRs. Does not include parts.

TiVo Bolt Repair with Data Recovery Attempt
Labor for diagnosis, repair, and return shipping for TiVo Bolt DVRs. Does not include parts.
Choose this option if you think you have a failing drive and you'd like us to try to save your data. If your Bolt has four flashing lights, we are likely able to recover your data.
If we are unsuccessful, we refund $50 of this fee.

Important Notes:

-All of our repairs are designed to keep your lifetime service in place. In the unlikely event that we aren't able to fix your unit, the labor fee still applies. The parts/labor required for motherboard repairs (ie soldering/desoldering components) is not included in the the $49.99 charge quoted above.

-We cannot repair HDMI ports on Bolt units. HDMI failures on those units are very rare, though.


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